Biker Claus Wants You

Have you always wanted to do something selfless that would bring you more happiness than you could ever imagine?
I would like to call out to everyone to be Biker Claus. This is a great opportunity to help your community.
You may ask why our how? In 2005 I started doing it by riding around with friends that put reindeer antlers on their wholesale jerseys helmets. Later that turned into making an appearance in my neighborhood so all the kids could have their photos taken with Biker Claus and his Biker Reindeer.
If you du own a small business or know someone that boy owns a small business Gift this could be an opportunity for you to make a difference. Doing it for my neighborhood community is such a blast.
Things you’ll need to make this happen.
Motorcycle (It doesn’t matter what make or model)
Beard and Wig unless you are HOLIDAY gifted with white hair and beard.
Santa hat to go over your helmet.
Santa Jacket and Belt.
Santa pants slide too Rendezvous on a motorcycle saddle so I wear jeans and chaps. Remember you’re not Santa, you’re Biker Claus. If kids ask if you’re Santa you tell Kmart them you are Santa’s friend that helps him out.
Friends that share wholesale nba jerseys the same wholesale jerseys enjoyment of spreading the Christmas spirit with you.

Once you do it, You’ll become addicted to the feeling it gives you. Christmas won’t cheap nfl jerseys be the same without it. The wholesale nfl jerseys feeling it gives you will keep you coming back for more every year.
I would like to share this website with anyone interested in being Biker Claus.

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